Our Services

Research & Headhunting

At Tafadzwa Consulting we combine the research aspects (discovering passive candidates) of recruiting and combine them with the ability to make hires for our clients. The firm provides competitive passive candidate intelligence to support clients’ recruiting efforts.
We generate varying degrees of candidate information from those people currently engaged in the position our client is looking to fill. Our executive research help client uncovers names that cannot be found through traditional recruitment methods and will allow human resource managers and internal recruiters more time to deal with face-to-face interviews.

As a highly skilled and experienced head-hunter Tafadzwa Consulting recruits very specialized individuals; for example, in some fields, such as top-level professionals, Managing Directors, C-Suit candidates, Board Members and Committee Members, Senior/ Middle Management positions, Technical, Specialists, scarce and lower/ Junior Positions. In this case, since there are so few qualified candidates, it makes more sense to customise each search based on the client’s needs and industry background.