Tafadzwa Consulting | Talent Sourcing, Organizational Design and Industrial Relations
Tafadzwa Consulting: Talent Sourcing, Organizational Design and Industrial Relations
Tafadzwa Consulting: Talent Sourcing, Organizational Design and Industrial Relations
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What we do

We have experience in sourcing specialised skills.

The firm has three capabilities sections namely General Recruitment, Response Handling, and Research and Head Hunting Capabilities. In the current talent war space where every organization is tapping in the same pool for scarce skills, it is critical that we ensure continuity in terms of having candidates available on our data available as and when the client requires staff. We adopted a proactive approach in this regard. We continuously head hunt, advertise and register potential competent candidates so as to ensure that our database is developed enough to cater for unplanned urgent need for staff.

We also keep track of junior potential applicants as they progress in their career, and we meet with them every six months.


Tafadzwa Consulting was created to provide a professional employment service to all industries that have temporary, contract or permanent staffing needs . The company’s growth is due to the dedication of our employees in ensuring cost-effective staffing solutions to all our clients

Tafadzwa Consulting strives to be the preferred industrial and corporate labour brokering firm in South Africa. We provide professional and well-trained labour for any job requirement. Tafadzwa Consulting focuses on client satisfaction and value for money on all our placements. We follow best business practices when dealing with our stake holders and we aim to build lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Tafadzwa Consulting prides itself on always keeping sustainability and the growth of the markets that we serve in mind.

Tafadzwa Consulting provides a 24-hour service that puts productivity and efficiency first. We offer a fexible and cost-effective programme that enables our clients to meet the ups and downs of their business
effectively. Using contract staff is a generally accepted business practice which allows companies to stay competitive in the market place.

Tafadzwa Consulting understands and puts in to place client service expectations and specifications. This is so important to us, that we create independent relationships with our clients in order to understand their specific industry or business.

All candidates on Tafadzwa Consulting data base have been interviewed and vetted by our recruitment consultants. Our turn around time on junior roles is 24 hours and on senior roles is 48 hours depending on the scarcity of skill.

Temp recruitment procedure:

  1. Job spec
  2. Sourcing of qualifying candidates
  3. Depending on role, we either present candidates to commence work or set up interview with line managers
  4. Post interview, offer of position to suitable candidate
  5. Discussing the terms and conditions of employment with successful
  6. On the start date, it’s a meet and greet of the candidate with Tafadzwa Consultant on site for induction
  7. Candidate management


Tafadzwa Consulting has “hands on” involvement in the Recruitment, headhunting of candidates and Skills Development. Our recruitment process is tailored to suit our client’s staffing needs. Our Management has “hands on” involvement in the Talent Sourcing Process. Our recruitment process is tailored to suit our client’s staffing needs. Below is a general guideline of recruitment process.

  • Job Specification received from client-Assigned to Accounts Executive.
  • Recruitment Consultant contact HR to obtain more information on the position i.e. AA position, package and location.
  • CV searches on Tafadzwa Consulting database and other search engines.
  • CV screening and short listing.
  • Interview short listed candidates using targeted selection interview tool.
  • Present 3-4 CV’s to client
  • Set up interview appointments according to Clients selection.
  • Conduct background checks.
  • Receive offer letter and have it signed by candidate
  • The Accounts Executive will follow up on the Client and candidate’s performance and relationship for a period six months from starting date.


Our approach to recruitment is a unique, targeted and quality driven process. Our firm partners with your organisation by taking over the entire recruitment process, from drafting of the recruitment advert, competency-based interviewing to sorting out the administrative processes of reference and criminal checks, and regrets.

The firm offers the qualitative approach to response handling, we pride ourselves in getting it right the first time. As outlined below you can utlilise either the full scope of our services or elements thereof:

  • Designing and placing your recruitment ad in the media
  • We handle the response on your behalf
  • We screen the CVs to the extent that they meet the inherent requirements of the job
  • We only present you with the suitable candidates

Our methodology is unique in that it is targeted in the following ways:

  • Identifying the desired candidate profile and level so as to select an appropriate media option or combination thereof.
  • Compiling a media strategy based on the profile and level of the candidate as well as industry sector.
  • Understanding of the industry and key positions.
  • Delivery of a comparative analysis that will show a cost saving against that of contingency recruitment.


At Tafadzwa Consulting we combine the research aspects (discovering passive candidates) of recruiting and combine them with the ability to make hires for our clients. The firm provides competitive passive candidate intelligence to support clients’ recruiting efforts. We generate varying degrees of candidate information from those people currently engaged in the position our client is looking to fill. Our executive research help client uncover names that cannot be found through traditional recruitment methods and will allow human resource managers and internal recruiters more time to deal with face to face interviews. As a highly skilled and experienced headhunter Tafadzwa Consulting recruits very specialized individuals; for example, in
some fields, such as top-level professionals, engineers etc who are active in the field. In this case, since there are so few qualified candidates, it makes more sense to directly recruit them one-by-one, rather than advertise internationally for candidates.